Christmas lights, warning bells

Christmas tree outside Killerton House, Devon, which is lit up with Christmas lights

The illuminated Christmas trail at the National Trust’s Killerton House has caused social media complaints and media coverage. Had the Trust listened a little more carefully back in July, it may not have walked into the current round of Facebook and media criticism, just as the trail opens.

A tale of two Devon rivers in the global climate crisis

As world leaders discuss how to meet de-carbonisation targets at COP26 in Glasgow, 450 miles away in Devon two significant climate change mitigation projects are already underway as they speak. Two nature-based solutions to climate change are already being implemented on the River Otter and the River Culm in East Devon.

The Power of the Podcast

Microphone and laptop set up to record a podcast

How we tell and consume stories is everchanging. For some of us, asking Alexa to update us on the latest news is more familiar than picking up a local newspaper. And with an increasing desire to listen to stories on demand, podcasting has never been so popular.

Nurturing support for change in the countryside

Photograph of planning proposal notice on a gate

At a time of significant change, challenge and opportunity for the British countryside, estate owners, land managers and rural businesses are looking for ways to future-proof their operations.

Lessons from 10 years of building a new community

Landscape shot of the open green space at Cranbrook with new homes in the background

It’s 10 years since work started in earnest on Devon’s first new town since the Middle Ages: Cranbrook. The anniversary has been seen by East Devon District Council officers as an appropriate time to look back on what has been achieved and what lessons can be learnt.