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Bad news travels fast, can you stop it?

We are specialists in crisis communications and reputation management, providing with clear thinking and trusted advice when they feel their reputation is at stake.

When the negative headlines hit, our team can help to rectify the situation to maintain your hard-earned reputation.

You might be facing a backlash on social media or perhaps have had negative coverage in the press; in print, online or on broadcast media. Whatever the situation, making assertive steps and being open and honest can help maintain your positive reputation.

  • First, we check the root cause of the issue. You can’t talk your way out of something you’ve behaved your way in to.
  • If you’ve acted properly throughout, you need to communicate this effectively – language and sentiment is crucial. Give the facts, but be conscious of your tone of voice. We help shape statements and replies that make the right impact.
  • We’ll tell those who are complaining what you are doing and then you need to follow through with your actions. And then we’ll keep updating people if the situation is ongoing.
  • If you have made an error, this needs to be acknowledged. When you’ve done something wrong, a genuine apology should be offered and you should tell the person or people what steps you are going to take next. Reassure them.
  • And always consider the platform you are using. We’ll help you to identify the best means of communication, whether it be an online statement, replying to comments on social media, writing a letter or perhaps arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Read some examples of our work below.

Media relations

When a client is misrepresented in the media, we research, prepare and implement a plan of action to swiftly rectify the situation.

Unsubstantiated allegations about a client were featured in the Sunday Times, ITV News (online and broadcast) and the Mail Online, with the client being given no prior opportunity to respond or provide a statement.

The speculative reports could have potentially had a negative impact on the company’s reputation with inaccurate details published and circulated to millions of readers and viewers.

We contacted the newspaper’s editors to clarify where the information had come from and, working with the client’s senior management team, prepared a statement with a true account.

The online article was taken down and the client’s statement published in its place. The statement of clarification was also published in the Sunday Times.

Planning applications

Planning applications are often controversial and can provoke a negative publicity in print and online.

Following the submission of a planning application, a client was featured in the regional press, provoking extensive ‘trolling’ on social media. We immediately put together a crisis communications plan to cover all elements of the situation.

Working with the client’s senior team, a position statement was drafted and shared on social media and the client’s website, providing an honest and factual account of the situation. We made the decision not to delete negative comments from the social media pages but to respond to them fairly and openly.

Editors were contacted to request that headlines were substantiated and stories were balanced and fair. Local councillors were also contacted directly to ensure that they, as key stakeholders, had an accurate account.

Online comments remain forever so, following the incident, KOR planned and implemented a schedule of content for social media to raise awareness of the vast amount of positive work that the client does, to redress the balance and make negative comments less prominent.

Within 48 hours, online comments halted and, to date, there have been no further online issues on this matter. We even had apologies from some that had made negative comments after they read the true account.

If you would like to discuss your project or issue, contact one of our team.