Blogging: why should I be doing it?

What are the real benefits of blogging?

With more and more people now searching for companies online, perhaps heading to their news or blog pages to see what they have been up to, it’s more important than ever to make sure you have a strong online presence, but why?

  • It helps with SEO

Creating blog content is a great way to improve your search engine rankings. Naturally, if you’re blogging about something relevant to your industry or business, keywords and phrases are going appear in your copy, which will help boost you up that search list and get more people clicking on your website, as well as reiterating your key areas of expertise.

  • It’s content that you have control of

In the Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned (PESO) model for marketing, blogs fall under the ‘owned’ category; content that your organisation produces and has full responsibility over. This means you can share whatever you want – as long as its honest, created by you (or referenced to outside sources) and relevant to your target audiences of course. You can post whenever you want too – no more waiting for enough stories to fill your e-newsletter or trying to cram everything you want to say into one tweet. It cuts out the middleman, giving you back the control.

  • It can be anything you want it to be

With this freedom and control, you can create whatever sort of blog that you want and that is relevant to your strategy (and if you don’t have a blog strategy, find out why it is important to have one here). This could include embedding your latest company video, creating a listicle or infographic, sharing some downloadable content or resource, a slide sharing post… the opportunities are endless. Don’t forget to include any relevant links to elsewhere on your website too, to encourage people to look around.

  • It gives insight into your audience

Blogs are also a great way to get some insight into your audiences and the sort of content that they like. A combination of detailed research, a bit of trial-and-error and a lot of time looking at Google Analytics and you’ll be able to see what content is more popular, how people are engaging and what they are doing whilst on your site. This will then allow you to adjust your content plan and strategy accordingly to maximise the impact of your content.

  • It reaches new audiences

Finally, a blog is a great way to reach new audiences. Companies with blogs generate 55% more website visits than companies without (source) and, on average, 80% of all the daily traffic to a blog consists of new visitors (source). So, quite simply, without a blog you’re missing out on lots of new visitors and potential new clients, leads or sales.

These are just a few reasons why blogging is a fantastic tool and worth investing time and effort into. But this only works if you have quality content that is sharing the right messages, reaching the right people and getting the right results. Research shows that 64% of B2B marketers outsource writing, turning to content creation connoisseurs and masters of messaging to ensure that their blog is hitting the mark.

At KOR, our team are experienced in getting to the heart of a story and making sure your company’s message is not lost amongst the noise, so if you’re looking for a professional team to create quality content for your blog, contact us to discuss what we can do for you.