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How to make your business event a success

If there’s an important landmark coming up in your business calendar, perhaps an anniversary or a new product launch, you could well be planning an event.

But how do you make sure your event aligns with your business goals?

Following a 10th anniversary event for the South West Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme (SWRCMP), held at Plymouth University, KOR shares 3 tips on ensuring your business event is a communications success.

Define your purpose:

Now, this might seem an obvious place to start, but it’s essential to decide on what you want to achieve before making any other decisions. For the SWRCMP 10th anniversary – ‘COAST South West 2016’ – the aim of the event was to raise awareness of the wealth of data available, free of charge, charting the changing South West coastline.

We wanted a wide range of partners, stakeholders, public and students to recognise the value of the data and understand how they may be able to use it themselves, so the event had to showcase what was available and its wide range of uses. By displaying live data, producing geographical case studies and inviting users of the data from a range of organisations and industries to be our speakers and exhibitors we were able to provide brilliant examples as well as important endorsements for the data.

Be creative:

You’ve decided what you want to achieve, but how are you going to achieve it?

All great events are memorable because they provide the delegates with something new and interesting to see or experience. When you’re planning , try and keep the user experience in mind; where will they go, what will they see, will they learn something?

Wherever possible, try and bring your event to life. At COAST South West 2016 we combined a mix of academic and industry insights from leading professionals with interactive experiences for our guests, including an augmented reality sandbox, aerial data experiences, wave flumes and Neolithic fishnet making.

Keep in contact:

So your event was a success. You’ve received great feedback and made some brilliant connections. So what next?

More often than not if people enjoyed an event they will be open to hearing more about your organisation or project afterwards. Make sure you strike whilst the iron’s hot! A day or so after your event is the best time to get back in touch.

A follow-up newsletter to all participants is a great way to keep in touch. Maybe you can give them a link to a photo gallery from the event, further insights from speakers or an invitation to a related event or membership group.

If you are looking for a public relations agency to help with your business event, product launch or conference, KOR is happy to help. Call our team on 01392 466733 or email