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Lead by Example – communication and collaboration

English and Drama graduate, Grace Henley, has been working with KOR for the last four weeks supporting the team with all aspects of our work and getting experience in working for a PR consultancy. Before leaving us, we asked Grace to share her thoughts on working in the PR industry, how she felt coming to join the team and what she learnt during her time.

Too many employees in the UK are subject to bad management. Astonishingly 82% of workers in the UK have encountered bad leadership, as reported in a recent survey of over 1,200 people, commissioned by CV-Library. 60.2% of those surveyed listed ‘poor people skills’ as the worst quality a leader can possess. The consequences on productivity can be disastrous. In fact, 41.3% of workers feel demotivated by bad leadership.

PR and communications, as disciplines, are constantly evolving and competition is high. Consequently, it is easy for prospective interns to imagine that working in this sector means succumbing to a stressful environment and potentially, a tyrant of a boss. So, how do KOR Communications approach matters of the workplace?

Firstly, positive relationships with clients are fundamental to success in this industry. Consultancies that put forward confident and knowledgeable individuals to pitch, are more likely to gain the respect and trust of the client in question. These attributes stem from the top; therefore, directors must lead by example. Good coaching from a great leader contributes to an increased retention of clients and high staff morale and motivation.

Team members at KOR are actively encouraged by senior management to educate themselves, keep up-to-date with the latest trends and to attend educational or networking events hosted by industry leaders. Additionally, several employees have been supported through further development; attaining qualifications from the PRCA and IDM. In short, the team have the confidence and the knowledge to go forward and engage with clients and inspire them to consider new ideas.

Secondly, visions of discarded ideas in an oppressive boardroom, are images that spring into the mind of a prospective intern. Thankfully, at KOR, this is not the case. As Annette Richman, Managing Director at KOR said: “We are only as good as the sum of our parts”.

There is a healthy balance between feeling confident and feeling humbled in the KOR office. The team are urged to be confident and proud of their work but humble enough to accept constructive advice. Everyone can share ideas in the knowledge that their opinions have value. Questions are actively encouraged and put to the whole team. A collaborative effort is the best way to produce creative solutions. This approach extends to workflow; while there is a clear chain of responsibility (from planning to production to sign-off) each member of the team assists where and when they can.

In short, interns are likely to analyse statistics surrounding management and leadership and envision the worst workplace scenarios. The words ‘management’ and ‘leader’ exude negative connotations.

For KOR, management and leadership is about collaboration, guidance and encouragement – integrated co-operation for integrated communications.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Grace for all her hard work during her time at KOR and we wish her all the best for the future.