Email is still one of the best ways to communicate with your audiences

It’s not the size of your database that counts. It’s the quality and how you use it. GDPR compliance has resulted in many databases being dramatically reduced.

However, what we have left is the foundation of something very useful indeed. Here’s what we know: TOP 3 facts and trends* influencing email communications

Top 3 factors influencing recipients to open emails:

59.2% Know and trust the sender
41.1% Subject line
30.1% Previously opened and thought valuable

3 top reasons to unsubscribe:

  1. Too many or irrelevant emails
  2. No longer interested in the brand
  3. Email or website didn’t display well on mobile

Top email design trends:

  • Interactive email experiences
  • Focus on personalisation and subscriber lifetime value
  • Shorter, more bite-sized email content
  • Stronger narratives and storytelling

How to effectively grow your email subscription lists depends largely on your business, your overarching communications goals and your key audiences. The quality of both, your contacts and your communications, will define how quickly you can built your lists.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Keep in mind best practices when planning future campaigns
  • Review existing communications regularly
  • Test new ideas and segment your database as you learn more about your subscriber’s preferences

When it comes to measuring your success, use engagement metrics as your guide more than list size. How do people engage with your design and stories? Most importantly: Are they engaging beyond a view or click?

With GDPR in place, databases are more valuable, making email communications more cost-effective, targeted and will provide you with a non-disruptive way of communicating with your audiences.

*Source: ReturnPath, SmartInsights, HubSpot

While you’re here, why not learn more about digital trends. Read ‘Make the most of digital trends for your small business’ or take a look at ‘Practical steps for (GDPR) compliance’.

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