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Keep in contact and keep the wheels of business turning

Once staff have settled into working from home, many business owners and managers will be turning their attention to exactly how they’re going to conduct “business as usual”.

It’s not rocket science to know that good communication is absolutely central to keeping staff motivated, clients supported, customers engaged and stakeholders informed. Here are our top tips:


Be proactive. We all need some good news at the moment and your business may have some good news about how it’s coping or how it’s helping others. Share this with your network; on social media, your website and in the media.

Also make sure you’re fully abreast of the news and how it will affect your staff, clients and others within their sector – and be the first to inform them.


Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Keep scanning the horizon for potential threats to your organisation or your sector and have a plan to minimise any negative publicity.

If the worst happens, get your message out clearly; to the right people in the right order. If the situation attracts unwanted media attention, “no comment” will not be enough.


Face-to-face meetings may be abandoned for now so replace them with telephone calls, conference calls, social media chats, news updates and direct messages. We should still be talking and doing business with one another and sharing ideas and information.

Keeping in close contact with your clients, customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders will reap rewards later.

We are reputation management specialists and if your business needs additional communications support over the coming weeks and months, please get in touch to see how we can help.