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KOR! What a week…

Beth Rice, student at Colyton Grammar School, recently joined the KOR team for a week’s work experience. Here’s what she learnt during her time here…

My week at KOR has been a great experience. At the beginning of the week I had little knowledge in certain aspects of public relations (PR) however during my time here, my understanding of PR has increased and my writing skills and general knowledge of the industry have improved. I have learnt about all the different aspects of PR and the skills required.

I have been well informed on the importance of content posted on social media and the impact it can have on a business. I was given the opportunity to write Facebook posts to promote Budleigh Salterton Farmers Market and tweets for the Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival art competition. Thank you especially to Sarah for helping me understand the style in which to write the posts and the importance of hashtags to reach a wider audience on Twitter.

As well as this I spent a lot of time researching clients, news articles and social media. Having knowledge of everything reported, posted or written about their clients is very important for KOR. I was given the opportunity to look through some client Coverage Books collated from every article/news story about each client. These show how many pieces of coverage have been posted, the number of online readers, estimated coverage views, social shares, circulation and potential reach.

I was especially interested in Fake News, ‘spin’ stories and clickbait as they’re all prevalent on social media and very difficult to prevent. I researched the impact of ‘bad’ PR, such as Dove’s attempt to show diversity in their video advert which led to a backlash from public suggesting the video was racist. I got the chance to write tweets about some of the interesting articles I read which were then posted on the KOR Twitter feed.

During the 21st century, the printing of newspapers has declined dramatically due to the increased technological advances meaning the majority of the UK get their news from social media, online newspapers and TV. Recent years have also seen the gradual erosion of television as the most widely used source of news, taken over by the increase of social media and online sources. Andrew helped me understand the way press releases are used in the media and the high number that are published specifically in newspapers.

I was also given the task of writing a blog about KOR’s coffee morning in support of Macmillan cancer charity . Having never written a blog post before, Arianne helped explain the style/tone of different blogs depending on a particular audience.

I was lucky enough to listen in on a STEMM talk about funding and support for SMEs given by Innovate UK and KTN at Exeter Science Park. This gave me a real insight into how small businesses can grow and expand with the help of funding, investment and networking. I also got to witness the filming of interviews and videos to promote the talk which was interesting.

I also got the opportunity to sit in on a Brown Bag Lunch discussion about ‘thriving tech sector opportunities’ specifically in the local area. It was very interesting to hear everyone’s different opinions on this topic.

Thank you to Annette and Guy, and (of course) Pip and Buster and everyone else at KOR for helping me learn about the skills needed for PR and making me feel welcome. I always had something to do and there was never a dull moment.