How we made an impression with the BBC’s Jeremy Vine

With all the noise and activity on social media, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to make an impression and get some good hits on your content.

High-quality, engaging content with pictures, graphic or video is essential to make your posts stand out. But the real challenge is reaching new and relevant audiences.

A great way to reach them is to look to social media influencers. Those with a whole host of followers you want to engage.

Engaging with people who have a large following, full of the people you’d like to reach is a sure-fire way to start making important connections.

Take our client, the Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival for example. The line-up for this year’s festival programme was recently announced and on social media there was a real buzz around the event.

With award-winning authors and broadcasters headlining the event – such as the BBC’s Jeremy Vine, journalist Allison Pearson, former Communards singer the Reverend Richard Coles, Sophie Hannah, Philip Ardagh and many, many more – we tagged some of them in the post announcing the line-up. With one click of a button (the retweet button) our tweet was shown to thousands of Jeremy Vine fans who may want to come to see him at the Festival, Allison Pearson fans who might buy a ticket to her event, Reverend Richard Coles fans… you get the idea.

We made it easy and simple for influencers and celebrities to share our message further.

This need not necessarily be about the number of people you reach, but who you are reaching. Trying to spread the word about your event for business leaders? Engage with a local business support network and ask them to share your content. Holding an event for people in the community? Speak to the local community group and see if they will pop a piece in their newsletter. Find ways of reaching specific audiences by using existing networks and followings.

But you need to make sure this is done correctly:

  1. Make sure the person you are targeting has a reason to share your content

Are they mentioned? Is it about their local area? Are they a specialist in this subject?

  1. Make sure they know who you are

Is your business well-known in the area? Is this an event they have agreed to speak at? Do they have an interest in your company?

  1. Make sure they are relevant to who you’re trying to reach

Is this an audience you actually want to reach? Why are you focussing on them?

  1. And finally, you can always ask

I recently ran a survey on my own Twitter page as research for a blog post. I tagged industry professionals, fellow university alumni, colleagues and former colleagues and asked them to share. If you have that connection and want to reach new audiences, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

So, there you have it. How to make an impression with new audiences by strategically planning your content and using influencers.

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