Networking events: it’s a jungle out there!

Heading into a networking event is like entering a jungle; you might be excited or nervous about the adventure, or dubious about what you’re going to come across, but hopefully you’re very well prepared with your elevator pitch and business cards to hand.

In the jungle, you’ll discover all sorts of creatures with a whole range of skills, traits and personalities.

The mouse

Timid, shy and far too nervous to get involved, the mouse stands in the corner of the room praying that nobody will come and talk to them before the presentation or main event starts.

Complimentary glass of wine in hand – the one they’ll hang on to all night to avoid small talk at the bar- the mouse grabs a seat at the back and hurries out before they can have a business card thrust in their hand at the end of the night.

The parrot

Bold, loud and with a constant stream of conversation, the parrot is an expert salesperson and will ensure everyone in the room knows who they are and what they do within minutes of arriving.

Brandishing their quirky business cards, the parrot squawks his or her way through the event making everyone around them smile and simultaneously pray for the first speaker to kick off with the event for an excuse to leave the conversation.

The elephant

Wise and kind, the elephant is an old hat at networking events. Slowly and intelligently perusing the room, the elephant greets each new group of people with a smile and shares an interesting piece of advice or intelligent idea before continuing their circuit, leaving a trail people pondering their thoughts in their wake.

The cheetah

Arriving just a little too late, the cheetah grabs the last seat at the back of the room and inevitably asks questions that were covered before they arrived. Speeding through the small talk, the cheetah really only has one person to target and they dash out of the room as soon as their mission is complete, swiping a complementary mini-muffin en route.

The lion

King or queen of all they survey, everybody knows when the lion has walked into the room. With an air of confidence that wafts over the rest of the jungle, some of the other animals tentatively approach the lion with a well-rehearsed ice breaker, however most wait until they are spoken to. The lion is there to build up his pack and expertly networks with the most important people in the room.

So, what essential kit should you pack in your jungle backpack?

  • A couple of pocket knife questions or topics to ensure you cut down those restrictive vines and start conversations as soon as you walk in the room.
  • Some insect repellent excuses; polite ways of excusing yourself to talk to someone else or take your leave when you need to.
  • A utility belt of business cards and make sure they are close to hand and you have plenty of them.
  • Your binocular observation skills to make sure you take a look at who’s in the room and who you need to speak to.
  • Your trip itinerary; make sure you are clued up on what’s taking place, where you need to be and who’s going that you would like to speak to.

If you’re planning a journey into the unknown, perhaps you might be considering approaching a professional communications team to help your business grow. Please give us a call, we’d be happy to guide you.

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