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A new breed of ‘Working Dogs’

As a company, we’ve all had to adapt to the ever-changing world of work and technology and being a dog is no excuse.

Dogs are no longer just herding sheep or helping the blind and partially sighted, they’re also leading the way in Public Relations.

6:30 Wake Up

7:00 A sniff and walk around Sandy Lane

7:45 Breakfast

8:30 Into the KOR office for a day’s work

18:00 Home for dinner

Both Buster (Labrador-Collie Cross) and Pip (Border Terrier) – office dogs at KOR Communications – stick to this regime religiously and eagerly await the next activity as if it’s the first time. Excited to go to the office, excited to go home and even more excited when food is involved.

Buster, the more experienced office dog and old brother of Pip has been part of the team for 11 years and has seen the company grow from a small room at home to an organisation dealing with clients nationwide. In his free time, he enjoys jumping five-bar gates and scaring away the postman in both the house and office. Buster is always quick to ‘tell-off’ the younger brother when he’s caught slacking and it often ends in a ‘ruff and tumble’.

Pip isn’t the most intelligent member of the office but he’s always happy to boost morale or check that your food is safe to eat. Pip has been Buster’s shadow for the past nine years and you couldn’t imagine them being apart. A skilled marksman, Pip spends his hours trying to catch any passing spiders, flies and wasps. While this is quite useful, we’ve only really kept him on because of his cute looks and because he is great at hoovering up any crumbs after lunch.

With only 16% of offices in UK having a pet we’re left wondering what’s not to like? They’re not called man’s best friend for nothing. One of our favourite Buster traits is that at exactly 6pm he’ll walk up to your desk, sit next to you and begin to nudge your left arm with his soggy nose in an attempt to make you leave. We are not sure whether this is a higher level of consciousness or that we’ve missed his dinner time and he’s beginning to get a bit peckish…. probably the latter.

There are only three times during the day when they make a noise. When they welcome the staff arriving in the morning (and check out what’s in their lunch bags), when the postman comes and when it’s time to go home. For the majority of the day they’ll follow the sunlight around the room or wrap themselves in a ball by the radiator.

As an office, we couldn’t imagine a day without the dogs and it’s a standard question during an interview to check whether candidates are happy with dogs around.

We say scrap the ‘#TakeYourPetToWorkDay’ and make it mandatory throughout the year.

P.S: Buster is currently nudging my arm while I write this. Time to go home.