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The Power of the Podcast

How we tell and consume stories is everchanging. For some of us, asking Alexa to update us on the latest news is more familiar than picking up a local newspaper. And with an increasing desire to listen to stories on demand, podcasting has never been so popular.

According to Statista Research*, in 2020 there were more than 15 million podcast listeners in the UK – forecasts predict that’ll be close to 20 million by 2024. They’re also hugely popular with younger audiences with almost 40% of listeners aged 26 to 35.

The pandemic has undoubtedly played its part in this rise, with the popularity of podcasts providing a welcome form of connection and escapism during lockdown.

Agriculture is one industry that has seen a large rise in the number of available podcasts in the past few years, providing a platform to share ideas that simply aren’t being discussed in mainstream media.

Here at KOR, we’ve recently supported one of our landed estate clients in exploring podcasts as a new communication channel. We’ve produced a series of episodes going behind-the-scenes of their farming operations, raising the profile of some of their team members.

The experience has given them the time to tell their story, share insights into the work they do and perhaps most importantly, take charge of the messages they want to communicate. Not only this, it also allows them to reach new audiences and draw in those with a keenness to learn more about the work they do.

From conservation to climate change, there really is a podcast for everything these days, which is another reason for their increasing popularity. One of our personal favourites in the office is the ‘The Lodge Cast’, the Beaver Trust’s audio series about conserving this important species.

As PR practitioners, we see a lot of value in this intimate form of storytelling, speaking directly to specific groups and targeted audiences.  Here are three reasons why producing a podcast could be a great addition to your communications strategy:

  1. Real people telling real stories. Who would be better to tell your story than the people affected by it, working on it or living it? The ability for your community to feel like they are eavesdropping on a conversation on a topic that interests them and their local area, is a brilliant way to form more meaningful connections.
  2. Control the narrative. Speaking directly to your audience gives you the opportunity to broadcast your own stories, knowledge and expertise. You are ‘cutting out the middleman’ and as a result, controlling the narrative.
  3. Podcast content across different platforms. As well as posting on a podcast hosting site, the content from interviews can be used across different platforms. They can also form part of a social media campaign and quotes can be used in a more traditional format as part of a press release.

In short, podcasts can provide a great opportunity to better connect with your audience. They’re impactful, intimate and help build a community.

With help from the KOR team, we can help implement a podcast plan into your communications strategy. To find out more, contact Naomi Dymond on or call 01392 466733.