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4 ways to give your social media a spring clean

Get the feather duster out – It’s time for a social media spring clean.

With the clocks springing forward this weekend and the promise of brighter days ahead, inevitably revealing dusty shelves and smeary windows, it’s probably time for a good spring clean… not only at home and in the office but on your social media accounts too.

It’s an excellent time of year to flick a duster around your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts to check your activities are relevant, on message and reaching the right audiences – especially if you’re using your accounts for business.

Before you start, ask yourself: Is the time you are spending on social media achieving objectives or simply adding to a rolling ocean of white noise?

Here are four key points to guide you through the spring cleaning process:

1. Audit your content: Dive in deep into all your accounts and have a look at the kind of content you share, how much engagement the posts receive and how they may be perceived. Who are your followers and friends? Do you know them? Are they representing your target demographic? Are there other audiences you need to attract? This part might be long and tedious, but it’s essential in building a baseline for the success of your social media accounts.

2. Adjust where necessary: Be critical and check whether your objectives and key messages are being diluted by irrelevant content and if your calls-to-action are being left unnoticed. Learn from these insights and use them as a guide to build your content calendar for the next period.

3. Plan & review your content regularly: Depending on the social media platform there are different best practice guidelines and your content calendar should reflect this. Instagram, for example, relies on great pictures, so check whether your images, captions and hashtags are achieving what you’ve set out to do. Also, check if you can use trends, awareness days and events in the news to get your brand noticed.

4. Finally, don’t forget to keep an eye on your competitors: What are they doing well (or not so well!), what levels of engagement are they receiving and how can you learn from this to adapt your own strategy and content calendar?

Once you get into the rhythm of auditing, adjusting and reviewing your content, we’re sure that this time next year the social media spring clean won’t take quite as long and you will reap the rewards from your revitalised and refocused social media pages.

If you need help auditing your social media accounts or producing an editorial content calendar, call KOR on 01392 466733 or email us on