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Welcome to KOR – Work Experience at KOR Communications

Hannah Corfield, journalism student at Falmouth University, has spent the past week with KOR learning about PR and communications. We asked Hannah to share her thoughts on her experience and whether she sees any similarities between journalism and PR.

As a journalism student, I am aware of the crossover that exists between the world of journalism and that of public relations. The key skills are essentially the same. You must be able to communicate with precision and efficiency across multiple platforms. Styles and methods must be adapted to suit both audience and purpose, with maximum attention paid to minute detail.

This last point is something I witnessed a great deal of here at KOR Communications. It isn’t long after the initial meet and greet that I hear Managing Director, Annette Richman, express how fastidious she is about setting high standards. And this is clear to see. You do not get to her level of professional accomplishment without executing rigorous and unrelenting attention to detail.

Another point that crops up early on is content; denoting its importance as a fundamental in KOR’s operation. This is the same for any journalist worth their salt; ‘Content is King’, as the phrase goes.

If content is King, who then should be Queen? A slight ad-lib; however, I instinctively feel that it is connections. Without a strong and relevant network, there is precious little hope of capturing the attention of businesses.

In order to build connections, an impeccable reputation must exist and, at KOR Communications, this is something they very much pride themselves on. Reputation is built primarily on client satisfaction, along with how the company is viewed by the wider community.

During my time at KOR, I was given the task of writing blogs for an architectural firm specialising in historic renovation, the Invest in Exeter initiative and one promoting the prestigious Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival… provoking no complaints from me! I received a great deal of satisfaction crafting the pieces and found it extremely interesting. The point I am making is that the pleasant nature of work at KOR Communications is a direct reflection of the high-calibre clientele base.

Not only is the nature of work at KOR inspiring; the atmosphere within the office is also a reflection of their values and strong work ethic. There is a tangible positivity within the team members, which transmits into a highly focused, yet relaxed atmosphere.

I couldn’t write this, however, without mentioning the two stars of the show; Buster and Pip. Office dogs are a genius invention for maintaining good vibes within the office place, by providing a regular and reliable source of laughter and light banter. Providing you don’t have either an allergy, or a phobia of pets, that is! Here at KOR HQ though, it really works.

And it’s not the only thing either. The combination of a bespoke office space, a happy and motivated workforce and the level of excellence that is obtained through both the clientele and the work produced means it’s little wonder that KOR Communications enjoys the success and the recognition it does.

The KOR team would like to say a huge thanks to Hannah for her hard work, enthusiasm and skill displayed during her week here. We wish her all the best in her studies and future career!