Showcasing Cavanna’s New Homes

KOR has worked with  Westcountry homebuilder Cavanna Homes since 2009, supporting the company in building its reputation as a leading provider of high-quality new homes in the South West of England.

The use of film and photography to showcase Cavanna’s new homes and its wider business operation is essential in helping the company reach its target audiences, and KOR, with our partners at Rekord Media, have utilised a range of expert techniques to achieve this. With a focus on bringing their developments to life, we produce engaging films which transport potential buyers into the heart of their prospective home. Creative filming and lighting styles help paint a vivid picture of each location and the setting for the development, allowing customers to experience the lifestyle on offer.

Drone footage of new development sites is regularly used to give an exciting new perspective. Moving images are complimented by high-quality professional photography, which captures the essence and feel of developments, while celebrating each home’s unique features. The content created helps Cavanna get repeated value from a library of assets which can be used on a variety of different platforms.