Promoting Clinton Devon Estates’ initiatives

KOR has worked with land and property management business Clinton Devon Estates, since 2008, to promote its environmental, business and community initiatives.

Film and photography has helped the Estate inform the wider public, partners and stakeholders of its work; promoting its activities in the community and sharing the beauty of its landscape, bringing to life all it does and enabling its team to tell the Estate’s story in a creative and engaging way.

We have produced a number of short films for the Estate, helping to tell the story of how they are generating a vibrant and sustainable future in the county and beyond. Focussing on topics such as dairy farming, nature and conservation, the creative films also incorporate stunning aerial images which are captured by our licensed drone pilot.

High-quality professional photography is also used to showcase the work and activities of the Estate; these images are used on multiple platforms including social media, newsletters, a quarterly magazine, website, at events and to accompany press releases.