Clinton Devon Estates

KOR has been working alongside Clinton Devon Estates since 2008; originally supporting its 2021 strategy, now helping with the delivery of its 2030 strategy.

The Estate’s operation focuses on ‘Doing today what is right for tomorrow’; handing on the land to future generations in a better condition, protecting habitats, wildlife and natural systems and investing in local communities.

The Estate covers 25,000 acres of North and East Devon and is engaged in sustainable forestry and organic farming operations, residential and commercial property, renewable energy and conservation programmes including the East Devon Pebblebed Heaths and the River Otter Beaver Trial. The Estate also owns and manages the South West’s leading equestrian event venue, Bicton Arena in East Devon.

The Estate’s communications requirements are varied and often complex, requiring a thorough understanding of their activities, their issues, their partners, stakeholders, communities, local and national politics and government initiatives. By working closely with the senior leadership team of the Estate, KOR has developed a thorough understanding of the landscape within which they operate and those with whom they need to communicate.

From news and thought-leader pieces in regional, national and sector publications, to the production of a quarterly print and e-magazine, from creating engaging social media content, to managing reputational issues, KOR implements and oversees all aspects of the Estate’s communication.