Kier: Step In, Step Up

Construction firm Kier was a lead partner in a campaign to recruit more people into the industry, in particular young people, women, the unemployed and those returning to work.

With funding secured by South Devon College, and alongside BAM, Linden and Galliford Try, KOR worked with Kier to create the ‘Step In, Step Up’ campaign.

We produced a compelling story around the wide variety of exciting jobs available in a sector that is seeing huge growth in the South West. Providing strong human-interest stories and some extraordinary facts and figures, we captured the interest of news and business editors.

KOR organised a launch event at the site of the region’s tallest building which was being built by Kier and captured compelling photography to accompany the campaign collateral. Audio clips were also recorded to provide to local and regional radio. We achieved coverage in a number of target publications and on broadcast channels.