Supporting £15 million managed realignment to meet climate change challenges

KOR Communications has been supporting the £15 million Lower Otter Restoration Project – a partnership between Clinton Devon Estates and the Environment Agency – since 2012.

The project is a landscape adaptation for climate change and involves the managed realignment of the estuary of the River Otter, well-known as the home of England’s first wild beavers in 400 years.

It was highlighted by Emma Howard Boyd, chair of the Environment Agency, at the Gobeshona Conference on, Locally Led Adaptation Action, held in Bangladesh. Read her speech here.

The project will affect around 150 hectares and involves the creation of new intertidal habitats in part of the Jurassic Coast UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In early 2021, a planning application submitted by the Environment Agency was unanimously approved by East Devon District Council’s planning committee.

KOR worked closely with the multi-disciplinary project team, advising on public affairs, supporting community and stakeholder engagement, and managing media relations.

Our team also developed the comprehensive project website and our partners Rekord Media have supplied terrestrial and aerial drone photography of the site.