South West Coastal Monitoring

The South West Coastal Monitoring Programme is a partnership initiative funded by the Environment Agency through a DEFRA grant.

Working with local authorities and the Environment Agency, a team of data scientists based at Plymouth University monitor the entirety of the South West coast to track erosion and deposition.

Ahead of its 10-year anniversary the South West Coastal Monitoring Programme wanted to highlight the different usages and wealth of data it had collected to demonstrate its value, in order to receive funding for a third phase.

Organising an event for key stakeholders, the richness of the data was showcased through third party endorsements from those already accessing it and applying it to their work. Engaging with these users at an early stage and getting buy-in from them allowed us to create a strong narrative for the event. We invited a number of partner organisations to exhibit at the event, which attracted more than 150 attendees, to ensure it was interactive and interesting for all audiences.