Christmas tree outside Killerton House, Devon, which is lit up with Christmas lights

Christmas lights, warning bells

The illuminated Christmas trail at the National Trust’s Killerton House has caused social media complaints and media coverage. Had the Trust listened a little more carefully back in July, it may not have walked into the current round of Facebook and media criticism, just as the trail opens.

A tale of two Devon rivers in the global climate crisis

As world leaders discuss how to meet de-carbonisation targets at COP26 in Glasgow, 450 miles away in Devon two significant climate change mitigation projects are already underway as they speak. Two nature-based solutions to climate change are already being implemented on the River Otter and the River Culm in East Devon.

Microphone and laptop set up to record a podcast

The Power of the Podcast

How we tell and consume stories is everchanging. For some of us, asking Alexa to update us on the latest news is more familiar than picking up a local newspaper. And with an increasing desire to listen to stories on demand, podcasting has never been so popular.

Landscape shot of the open green space at Cranbrook with new homes in the background

Lessons from 10 years of building a new community

It’s 10 years since work started in earnest on Devon’s first new town since the Middle Ages: Cranbrook. The anniversary has been seen by East Devon District Council officers as an appropriate time to look back on what has been achieved and what lessons can be learnt.

An adult beaver grooming herself on the banks of the River Otter

A dam good evening with the beavers

The KOR team were lucky enough to head out on a rather unusual field trip recently to see the results of a major project we’ve worked on over the past few years, which has seen the reintroduction of these fascinating creatures in East Devon.

Bad news travels fast, can you stop it?

Bad news travels fast and, in this age of digital, more so than ever before. But when bad news about your company hits, can you stop it?
Yes, you can. If you do and say the right things…

Stock image of a rough sea

How the RNLI rescued its reputation

You may have read in the news recently that some donors to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) cancelled their donations because 2% of funds are supporting causes in other countries, while jobs were being cut in the UK.

How to build a great reputation

All businesses and CEOs know that it takes a lifetime to build a good reputation and it’s not just about talking the talk, it’s about actions too.

How to integrate Instagram into your communications plan

A picture speaks a thousand words and that’s the beauty of Instagram.
Using pictures to tell stories about your business is a smart way of getting across a message with impact. Capturing your audience’s attention with compelling images will draw them into your story and tempt them to find out more.

Employee advocacy on social media

Most businesses understand the importance of a strong online presence for the company, but some overlook the fact that their employees are representing them on social media too.

One month to go until Data Day – Practical steps for compliance

By now, you will have no doubt heard endless presentations on general data protection regulations (GDPR) at networking events and will have an inbox full of emails from different organisations requesting you opt-in to legitimise their marketing efforts post May 25th.
So, what are you doing about the data that you hold?

How to ensure your time spent on Facebook is well spent

The average person will spend five years and four months on social media in their lifetime*. In that time, you could walk the Great Wall of China 3.5 times or fly to the moon and back 32 times. So, it’s pretty great news that with its latest algorithm change, Facebook wants to make sure that time spent on the platform is of value to its users.

A new breed of ‘Working Dogs’

As a company, we’ve all had to adapt to the ever-changing world of work and technology and being a dog is no excuse. Dogs are no longer just herding sheep or helping the blind and partially sighted, they’re also leading the way in Public Relations.

view over town of Chagford, Devon

Fonzie and the Yimbys – global answers to the housing crisis

I guess it’s a generational thing, because I got it right away, whereas younger folk in these parts needed it explaining: in Australia, a self-contained flat above a garage is called a Fonzie Flat, because The Fonz – played by Henry Winkler in the TV show Happy Days – lived in an apartment above the Cunningham family’s garage.

KOR! What a week…

Beth Rice, student at Colyton Grammar School, recently joined the KOR team for a week’s work experience. Here’s what she learnt during her time here…

Welcome to KOR – Work Experience at KOR Communications

Hannah Corfield, journalism student at Falmouth University, has spent the past week with KOR learning about PR and communications. We asked Hannah to share her thoughts on her experience and whether she sees any similarities between journalism and PR.

Light up letters of the word KOR

Lead by Example – communication and collaboration

English and Drama graduate, Grace Henley, has been working with KOR for the last four weeks supporting the team with all aspects of our work and getting experience in working for a PR consultancy. Before leaving us, we asked Grace to share her thoughts on working in the PR industry, how she felt coming to join the team and what she learnt during her time.

Three top PR tips when planning for planning

Those who have read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” will know that the book starts with our hero Arthur lying in front of a bulldozer, trying to prevent his house being knocked down to make way for a bypass.

KOR named Outstanding Small PR Consultancy

KOR Communications has been named the “Most Outstanding Small Public Relations Consultancy in the South of England and Channel Islands” after collecting a Gold in the CIPR PRide Awards 2016.

KOR light-up letters on a fence in the countryside

How to make your business event a success

If there’s an important landmark coming up in your business calendar, perhaps an anniversary or a new product launch, you could well be planning an event. But how do you make sure your event aligns with your business goals?