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Supporting young people in Exeter

KOR Communications has been pleased to donate funds to the Ted Wragg Trust’s initiative to provide a library of electronic devices for hundreds of primary school children in Exeter who have not had access to online learning from home.

Research conducted by the Exeter Education Recovery Group revealed that five percent of children in Exeter’s primary schools don’t have access to broadband and 12 percent don’t have access to a suitable device for learning. Of those who do have a suitable device, often this is shared with other children, making access to learning limited.

A campaign was launched to raise £30,000 to ensure around 390 pupils can access the technology they need to be able to learn effectively and not fall behind in their education when needing to self-isolate or required to access online learning from home.

Annette Richman, managing director of KOR Communications said:

One major impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is a gaping hole in the education of many young people, especially those who have had limited, or no access to technology, software or broadband. When it comes to home learning, technology is a basic need, not a privilege, but it is our privilege as a local business to be able to support this need in Exeter.

Pupils from Exeter primary schools and those attending Cranbrook Education Campus will be able to borrow devices from a new library of devices managed by the Ted Wragg Trust.

Moira Marder, chief executive of the Ted Wragg Trust, said:

The values of the Ted Wragg Trust are to ensure equal access to education for all, and this appeal upholds those values. The impact of the pandemic will not be felt equally by all children. Those that cannot access remote learning will be negatively impacted, and irreversibly so and this will help to alleviate that inequality.

To donate to the campaign visit